Lisa and her Dogo Argentino, Lucy

Nosy Puppers has some new classes on the schedule!

Puppy/Beginner Level One


5/22 Wednesdays at 7:45 pm (2 spots)

6/1 Saturdays at 6:30 pm (5 spots)

7 weeks for $185

Location: Fairfield, corner of 80 and Air Base. 3 DAPP vaccines required for class. Call or text Lisa for help planning vaccines and class dates. 412-735-5594


Our first week is for pet parents only. We learn how to potty and crate train. We cover weight, diet, harnesses and treats for class.

In weeks 2-7 we learn a little language to tell our dogs they are RIGHT in a way they understand. We start with focus games, then sit and a little stay. Then loose leash walking. Wouldn’t you rather have your dog at your side instead of pulling you? Then leave it and come. There’s a lot to do in six weeks!

Puppies need 3 Distemper/Parvo shots to be able to come to class. Plan ahead by calling Lisa to go over vaccine history. (Vaccines from breeders without proper documentation (label on breeder card with date after 6 weeks old) will not be accepted. Vet receipts saying the last DAPP shot is #3 or annual will be accepted. Older dogs also need a current rabies certificate.

Please call or text Lisa with any questions or reservations at 412-735-5594.


There are two classes for each level – Puppy, Intermediate and Advanced.

Puppy/Beginner Level One consists of basic socialization skills (focus, sit, loose leash walking, leave it and come). It is $185 for seven weeks.

Puppy/Beginner Level Two is the AKC’s S.T.A.R. Puppy program with the test included (Cost for the medal is paid by owner directly to the AKC. At this time it is $15).…/canine-good-citizen/akc-star-puppy/ Dogs older than a year can attend and get their certificate from Nosy Puppers but cannot get the S.T.A.R. medal from the AKC. (The cut off for the medal is one year old.) ($190 for six weeks)

Intermediate 1 consists of formal heeling and long stays. ($190 for six weeks)

Intermediate 2 is Environmental Cues and Games. Environmental Cues are when the dog understands an event that occurs in the environment (you putting your hand on a doorknob) is a cue for a behavior, rather than a verbal command from the owner (sit). Games include color differentiation, beginning of nosework, reading cue cards, etc. ($190 for six weeks)

Advanced 1 is the AKC Canine Good Citizenship class.…/training…/canine-good-citizen/ The test is not included and can be taken from Nosy Puppers when ready. ($190 for six weeks, additional fee for the test.)

Advanced 2 is a Therapy Dog class which is essentially the CGC class with an emphasis on the handler being the intermediary between the dog and the world with a better understanding of reading stress signals in their dog. ($190 for six weeks)

All classes after the first level require all the previous levels to be completed. The classes are continuous. For the rare occasion that a dog would start in an upper level class, a private lesson to evaluate the previous training is required.


Teaches how to capture and cue a relaxed state, how to desensitize departure and feeding times, how to have a secure spot to go to, how to countercondition stressful events, and Find It and Scatter games. Minimum 4 to start the class. No previous classes are required. ($120 for 3 weeks)

Private Lessons

At my location in Fairfield: $150/lesson, package of 6 is $800 (saves $100 off the total of individual lessons).

At your home, within 20 minutes of my location: $225/lesson. Package of 6 is $1200 (saves $150 off the total price of the individual lessons).

Lessons are 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the dog.

Prong Collar Lesson

$150/lesson, only for my students. Must have completed Puppy/Beginner Level 1 and have a dog that is mature enough to use one.

Make-Up Lessons for Group Classes

One make-up lesson will be given per level (6 weeks of training). It is $30 to reserve your time. It is dependent on my availability. Each class in a group class is dependent on the previous. The first 3 classes in the first level must be attended or made up before the next week in order for you to stay in class. Those are the three weeks the communication system is taught for all the levels that follow. It is mandatory attendance for the first three classes in the first level.


Payments are accepted through Venmo or Zelle under my name: Lisa Marsnik, and my phone: 412-735-5594. Payments through Venmo should be the payment between friends option, not the business option that you can switch to. Before paying for a class be sure to text or call Lisa and confirm availability.

***Classes are non-refundable. All classes are paid reservations for a time slot. The time must be reserved in advance and once reserved, it cannot be given to anyone else. When you purchase a group class you take up a spot that cannot be resold once the class begins.


Lisa has been training dogs for twenty three years. She started with her Dogo Argentinos in competition obedience and protection sports. After attending the MIchael Ellis School for Dog Trainers, she worked at Petco in Napa and Petsmart in Fairfield, where she had the biggest program in the district for both stores. Now, she owns and operates Nosy Puppers Dog Training. Nosy Puppers has been in operation since 2021. She has trained 50-80 dogs a week for nine years.